Get Rid of Your Eye Fatigue

in Just 10 Minutes 

A pure relaxing experience that you 'll never get enough of.


Did you know...

that average Americans spent about
staring at their phone, tablet, computer and other digital devices every single day 

Do you fall into one or more of these categories ?

From 2012 to 2018,

we've unknowingly spent more time
on mobile media by


And here are the results:

What constitutes a perfect eye massager ?

Water Circulation
Rio’s water circulation system enables water gently and quietly circulating around your eyes and maintaining nice moisture at the same time.
2-Phase Temperature Control
Dual temperature ranges provided: 39 – 41°C (102 - 105°F) and 42 – 44°C (107 - 111°F) to suit your preference.
The water bag is made of medical graded silicone which is super friendly to skin and easy to clean and maintain.

Get Rid of Your Fatigue in Just 10 Minutes

Adjustable, Portable, and Affordable

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